domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

Thank You

Marco dear! I am so happy with the opportunity to follow the divine revelation in his beautiful life .... I can hardly describe ... you know you have helped me a lot, and also Quinho, everything you say has meaning in my life too, I realize that the messages are for me too! You know why? They are universal and directly revealed by God in all its forms! And who has the third eye of Lord Rudra open on his forehead, like us, can decode these messages, which are divine music, purity and humility of our hearts.
Affectionate Porissa ... I saw the earrings and Sandra understand the context of
all, just have not seen the report in the Globe. è pure ignorance ... they know
that something very mysterious is always happening to you, in your
life, trying to dissect your body, your mind and intellect to know
what is ... but can not because he has the eye of Rudra or the
Heart of Mother Kali or the wisdom of Mother Saraswati. I am grateful for you
be in my life and I can be witness to the wonderful human being
you are! Om Namo Narayanaya.
With the blessings of the Lord Harihara (Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in one) and ten Mahavidyas (ten strategic forms of Mother Durga) who are the Mother Durga (warrior consort of Lord Shiva). May the Lord Ganesh, son of Mother Parvati ( sexual divine consort of Lord Shiva, who was deified before Sati, consumed by the fire of love for Him) remove all obstacles from our spiritual path.
What Mother Mahalakshmi
(Faithful consort of Lord Vishnu in its forms) to bring stability in our stock materials that were
bombarded by demons and asuras lost in the darkness of ignorance!
What Mother Mahakali (consort of Lord Rudra-Shiva) in tranforme and thus transform the darkness into light. And Mother Mahasaraswati (consort wise, creative, owner of the arts, science and philosophy of Lord Brahma) guide us in our learning and wisdom.
I bow to Babaji of my Beloved Guruji and Baba Hariharananda that brought us together, so so unusual in the community that I created in his honor. I bow before the Paramahamsa Yogananda Giri who saved my life in the accident and tragedy that shook my material existence and spiritual in every way. Wandh Deva, my dear and beloved, a direct disciple of Yoganandaji who fought beside me until I regain my Guruji Jai Yohanandaji
I bow before the Dr. Leni Rajas medical pain and disciple of the Mother of Science by Dr. Jorge Henri anthroposophical psychiatrist and homeopath who took care of my health in Sao Paulo Brazil, a direct disciple of Jesus Counterpart. I bow before the Beloved Baba Giri Hariharananda that leads me to this day lovingly in this jungle of human blank and I received lovingly raised in Bangalore I headed for the Gurukulam in 2007, showing me that death is an illusion and we can overcome the pain. I bow to Dr Shiba Prashad, Ayurvedic doctor, a direct disciple of Dhanvantari and Mohini, Father of Medicine avatar of Vishnu who took care of my health in Puri, Orissa India.
I bow before My Guruji and Swami Gurupremananda Giri (in memoriam), for their blessings and have generated in her womb sacred my beloved Master Paramahamsa Sadguru Prajnananada Giri, Swami Giri Arupananda for his devotional service and your care for me always to date even from a distance.
I bow before the Beloved Baba Hariharananda Giri
which leads me to this day lovingly in this jungle of human empty, even in the underworld as Mother Mahakali and He is One, he devoted his life to it, as this is the age where she reigns supreme Kali Yuga.
I bow before Satya Say Baba who turned their deadly enemies in the matrix of the world of maya,
I bow before the Gurumahi Swami Saraswati who extended his divine hands to you and showed how to win on the road to Mahamaya to release ... I bow to your soul beautiful and incorruptible, which shines with the splendor of the Infinite! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

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