sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2009

In English

Beloved Gurudev
I bow to you!
We do Not know to distinguish the real one of the unreal one Becomes attached Us to objects, persons, animal and our situations stored memory without wisdom.
We don’t have the control of our mind and the ignorance in the tappet for far from what is ourselves more precious.
We don’t have the control of the hurt we are conditioned by a lifestyle and values that are a lot far from the peace and of the truth.
We don’t obtain to see which the real objective of this existence is, and when we see do not we deliver with unconditional love to it.
We don’t not love the sacred scriptures as our Divine Mother, cheer and ready for ourselves orient. We don’t ask help to the Masters and to You, therefore our faith is tarnished by the our ego. We forget the as much as one we are flawed and like this. We don’t have patience with the other persons, in its situations and circumstances.
We will want to evolve, but we don’t pawn us in maintain a worthy, simple life and balanced.
By ignorance, we do not mobilize all our life for the achievement in God here and now. We Forgives ourselves our absences, our awkward way of serve Him correct always.
We are a small spark of the Divine grandeur of YourLight.
You are our Master because you obtained to know God in fullness and graces to your Love by us and by the Masters, you are here for us help.
We Are grateful to you eternally!
Eni Ma

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